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Our vision
Nouveau Paradigme is a national transpartisan political action group that seeks to mobilize the economic, demographic, and political potential of Canada's cultural communities so as to help build a Canada that is stronger, more prosperous and reflective of its unique diversity.

The Team
The NP team is made up of professionals with an array of backgrounds, ranging from current and former political staffers and politicians, to businessmen and businesswomen, lawyers, activists and student leaders that each bring to the table many years and a depth of experience in their respective fields. One of the main benefits of having a team with such a diverse background is that it fosters an environment where issues are looked at and discussed from multiple angles while producing a unique setting that leads to sound decision-making.


 Inform, educate, mentor, and connect with established support networks talented men and women rooted in their communities who are interested in running for public office.
• Work to help elect qualified men and women who have a good grasp of the issues that affect their communities
 ​Develop, engage, mobilize and connect philanthropic, political, and other support networks throughout Canada that share our vision
• Build and maintain relationships with political parties, organizations and movements that share our vision


YEAR: 2017

Preparing for success: the ONE STOP SHOP training

The number one challenge faced by most aspiring politician is that they do not know it takes to run for public office, let alone win a race. As part of its “inform, educate, and mentor” mission, Nouveau Paradigme will be offering this fall a special summary training on the requirements and expectations associated with running for public office.

Our strong roster of respectable former and current municipal, provincial, and federal politicians and organizers will share with you not only their experiences but also the best practices and everything that will be sure to help you, a friend or a family member along the way should you ever decide to make the dive in politics! Sign up here (onglet I’M IN) to pre-book. More details to come.

You have any questions about this event? Send an email to info@nouveauparadigme.ca

Bring together and gather support from the business, academic, political sectors and all relevant stakeholders around the creation of an Entrepreneurship development fund aimed at encouraging ambitious Canadians from cultural communities at starting their own businesses.

To find out about what has been done on this project so far, please write us at info@nouveauparadigme.ca

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For any further questions on that we do and/or more information on our projects or upcoming activities, please reach out using one of the following addresses:

General inquiries: info@nouveauparadigme.ca
Facebook: Nouveau paradigme: la mobilisation autrement.
Twitter: NParadigmeCda

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